Capstone- Personal Digital Identity Presentation


This is a presentation I did for my Capstone class at Champlain College detailing the progress I’ve made on my Online Identity throughout the semester.


Top 5 Things To Do In Stowe, Vermont

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Adam Rowe

Where can you find a picture perfect downtown, the real Von Trapp family, craft beer, farm to table food, first class accommodations, and world renowned skiing?  Stowe, Vermont.   Before beginning my college career in Vermont I had only heard of the wonders of Stowe… little did I know then that I would be going into my fourth winter as an employee of Stowe Mountain Resort.  If you are looking for a true Vermont experience, Stowe is the only choice.


Having worked at the resort now for over three years I have gotten a sense for what really makes Stowe, well Stowe.  It can be a bit daunting for a newcomer so I decided to come up with a list of my top five things for a first timer to do while in Stowe! Any comments and feedback are welcome and this post is no way endorsed by the resort…

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Abraham aka The Canadian Lover

During the summer of 2012 I worked at the Burlington Waterfront. I sat in front of the tollbooth reading, watching, and talking to the strange folks that inhabit the area. As well as doing my job. Strange folks passed my way but one in particular caught my attention. In respects to his identity, I will refer to him as Abraham.

In no respects does this man enjoy the influx of Canadian tourists that travel down to Burlington during their month long August break. But his sarcastic facade could bullshit any bullshitter. He had an interesting sense of humor. A joker who’d lead a Canadian to the cliff edge of Red Rocks and tell them about the extravagant treasure at the edge of the lake. “Don’t worry about the drop,” he’d say with a trustworthy voice. “Us Burlingtonians have crafted translucent escalators!”

His appearance caught my eye before his words. An older chap with a light green bowler that covered just enough of his scalp to be considered one. A scarf wrapped twice around the neck and a light ragged looking coat. But his eyes. More specifically his ovular spectacles with their thin silver lined rim around the lens and a slightly thicker bridge running high across his nose. Almost resembling the mysticism of the owl-spectacle man from the famous Great Gatsby.

A philosopher he calls himself. A craftsmen in sarcasm. With views that would send right wing republicans screaming in fear all the way to the safe house. Even the left wing’s would look at him with doubt and wonder. He gloats about his intelligence without the stuffy-throw-it-in-your-face way. It’s him reasoning with himself. Or was I hypnotized by his cult like leadership? It’s difficult not to fall into the off-beat mind of Abraham. His radical views were backed up with a vast political dictionary. He was very in tune with the changing world. Ready to lead the revolution of succession of Vermont from the rest of the States. Ready for his people to bestow the proper title of, Abraham our Savior.

Marketing Ethics (The one’s that murk up the waters)

The marketing business has had a general opinion of being seedy and low ethics profession. With that I mind, I’d like to see the marketing profession take a turn for the good by the time I retire from my career but it’s more complicated than just flipping a switch.

The first thing that has given the marketing profession a bad reputation and possibly the most evil of marketers is Telemarketing. They bombard your cell phone with cold calls marketing pointless products at inconvenient times, guilting you to stay on the phone. Also, the infamous telemarketing commercials where they advertise a duplicate product for free if you, “Call now!” The fine print reads, “Just pay shipping and handling.” Most of the time, these products are cheap and inefficient that break while your paying to have two of the same products shipped separately. Some of these products will have a ‘money back guarantee except,’ policy. The ‘except’ is stated in small words or quick speech so the consumer has no idea of the warranty terms.

Another idea that makes the marketing profession unethical is the mass accumulation of emails from online sites. Some companies are known to sell emails to third parties whom resell them to big business for guerilla marketing. Email blasts about the Hilton’s great deal will appear in my mailbox and I am positive I never signed up for their newsletter. In order to unsubscribe is a mission in itself. Filled with confusing language that keeps you subscribed.

What I’ve learned from marketing and the main ideology of it is to show the consumer a product they would not otherwise known existed, that will benefit them. Now these marketing techniques would not be unethical if the promotions were whole hearted and targeting the right consumer. And if the products that were being sold had an actual benefit rather than targeting an ignorant consumer to maximize profit. These facets of marketing give the profession, as a whole, a bad reputation. To change that reputation, the industry needs more good apples to push out the spoiled in the bunch.

Just some rambles

I wrestle lions post boxing match with Mickey Cohen.

I have met “The Most Interesting Man in the World,” and we drank Corona.

I have swam to the bottom of the ocean and dug a hole to China.

I read War & Peace throughout, in the time it takes Wall-Street to check the morning headlines.

I single-handedly swatted the Y2K bug.

I play Banjo but don’t strike a 12-stringer.

Roxanne gave me the Green Light.

I’m just that damn good.

My rant on Apple

I’ve been an Apple brand consumer since I preordderded the ipod mini, in gold I might add, and received it a day before it was released in stores on January 20th, 2004. That was nearly a decade ago. It’s taken me that long for me to say that I hate Apple. I do not use this word often and only for the ignorant folks but Apple has left me like a third ex-wife. And still I try to reconvene and start over with her. I dump everything into that piece of hardware called an iPhone – Music, pictures, self thoughts, and million dollar ideas. Just when I can trust it, poof! One small piece breaks – leaving me with one damn expensive paperweight. It won’t turn on so I bring it to the ‘Genius,’ my last saving grace. Guess what? They dump me quicker than my third iphone . “Sorry sir, theirs nothing we can do about this.”
“Well,” I say, holding back anger, “Can’t you replace it? It been under a year and I know Apple has a one year basic warantee on every product.” He responds, “The problem is we don’t sell iPhone 5’s anymore. If you’d like to upgrade to the C or S for a small fee.” I hear price and figuratively flip the genius bar counter. The desk is as locked down as the phone. My primary issue isn’t the money I put into purchasing the phone but the countless memories lost with it’s death. 2553 photos, 287 notes, countless amounts of old texts that served as humor or nostalgia, and not to forget my primary communication tool. My life has been halted again – and frankly I’m sick of it. I bet you’ve already though of a hundred reasons how I could’ve avoided this problem. Back up your phone and a more direct strategy, just don’t drop it. Sometimes mistakes happen and Apple knows this. if they didn’t, they wouldn’t have survived into this generation. They have created their products to break at the slightest touch because the market moves so fast. Well Apple, I’m done with your shenanigans. I have found a better alternative to you. PhoneBloks. A new idea that allows you to change out processors, cameras, memory, and any other part of the phone, by simply unscrewing two screws and changing out the parts. Look them up on youtube, kickstarter, etc. for a look at the future and iPhones new rival!